July 2020: Invited talk August 24 on funding ID and TD research

Professor Klement Tockner, President of the Austrian Science Fund, will talk about how he implemented his vision to fund interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. Two annual rounds of funding for interdisciplinary research have been completed and a first round of funding for transdisciplinary research is now in progress.

The talk will be part of the NITRO-Oceania annual business meeting, which will take place on Monday August 24, 2020 at the following times:

11am-12.30pm Australian west coast
1-2.30pm Australian east coast, PNG
2-3.30pm Solomon Islands
3-4.30pm NZ and Fiji.

The talk and meeting are open to all NITRO-Oceania members. Non-members who would like to attend the talk will be welcome and should contact Gabriele.Bammer@anu.edu.au.