May 2022: NITRO-Oceania Executive video-conference report

At the May 16 video-conference, the NITRO-Oceania Executive ratified the appointment of Rhonda Chapman to facilitate the process of developing a strategic planning meeting to involve all members in charting a path forward for the network.

The Executive agreed that the facilitator will work with the Executive to develop an advanced draft of a strategic plan for NITRO-Oceania for the next 5 years. This advanced draft would then be taken to the membership for input and, hopefully, ratification.
Suggested timeline:
3-4 meetings with the Executive May-July 2022
Hybrid meeting (maybe sequentially rather than simultaneously) of whole membership in September.

The Executive also agreed to inform the membership about this process, if possible with bi-monthly updates. The first update [which went out later on the same day] would also invite any interested member to join the Executive in preparing the strategic plan.

Finally, the Executive agreed, if possible, to run two seminars before the member meeting in September to help set the scene for that meeting.