JULY 2022: Strategic planning process going well

The second strategic planning meeting took place on July 12, 2022, involving the NITRO-Oceania Executive plus member Professor Kate Henne, and facilitated by Rhonda Chapman.

We have good prospects for the next stage of NITRO-Oceania’s development, although these need to be confirmed and bedded down over the next few weeks. If you are interested in helping out (eg managing the finances, organising seminars or member networking via coffee chats, or lobbying research policy makers and funders) do get in touch.

A new operational plan will be presented to members for discussion at online meetings in the first week of October. We had planned to have a face-to-face and an online meeting, but have reluctantly decided that two online meetings is more feasible and likely to enable more members to attend, if they have two options with no travel to choose from.