REMINDER: Annual business meeting on Oct 4 and 6, 2022

The annual business meeting is open to all NITRO-Oceania members ( and the agenda and papers have been e-mailed. We have scheduled two online meetings, and hope you will be available to attend one of them. The times are:
10am-12pm Western Australia
12-2 pm Papua New Guinea and Queensland
1-3 pm NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania
2-4 pm Fiji
3-5 pm New Zealand and Samoa

On you can see a short video, made by one of NITRO-Oceania’s founding members, Professor Iain Gordon, who provides a brief introduction to NITRO-Oceania and the meetings.

At the meetings we will invite you to participate in the strategic planning process that the NITRO-Oceania Executive has initiated, especially to consider the following questions:
1. What has worked well in inter- and transdisciplinarity in your organisation?
2. What is not worked well? What are the challenges?
3. What are you optimistic about?
4. What are you concerned about?
5. What should we do next to foster inter- and transdisciplinarity?

We will also report briefly on our activities in 2022 and on our financial situation.

You are also invited to nominate for one of three vacant positions on the Executive. In addition, we will be electing a new President. Nominations are welcome now or at the meetings (please send nominations to

If you are unable to attend either meeting, but would like to have input, please contact

Come and join us for an exciting conversation!