June 2023: Call for comments on “Looking at the Future of Transdisciplinary Research”

NITRO-Oceania (through the Informing research and funding policy working group) will provide comments on the recent discussion paper “Looking at the Future of Transdisciplinary Research” prepared by the International Science Council Centre for Science Futures – see https://futures.council.science/news/call-for-comments for both the call for comments and the link to the report. Comments are due by June […]

May 2023: Reaction to ARC review report

The report of the Review of the Australian Research Council (ARC) has been released and is available at: https://www.education.gov.au/higher-education-reviews-and-consultations/resources/trusting-australias-ability-review-australian-research-council-act-2001. Given that the review was focused on the legislative underpinning of the ARC, it is not surprising that interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research are not mentioned. Regrettably only one of the 14 case studies presented (Case study […]

April 2023: Second submission made to Australian Universities Accord

NITRO-Oceania made a submission on April 11, 2023 in response to the discussion paper released by the Australian Universities Accord; see https://nitro-oceania.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/NITRO_response_australian-universities-accord-panel-discussion-paper.pdf (PDF 216KB) Information about the review can be found at https://www.education.gov.au/australian-universities-accord and the discussion paper is available at https://www.education.gov.au/australian-universities-accord/resources/australian-universities-accord-panel-discussion-paper. More information is also available about the activities of the Informing research and funding […]

March 2023: Submission made to National Science Priorities

NITRO-Oceania made a submission to “Refreshing Australia’s National Science and Research Priorities and National Science Statement” on March 23, 2023; see https://nitro-oceania.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/NITRO_submission_australia-science-and-research-priorities_2023.pdf Information about the review can be found at https://consult.industry.gov.au/sciencepriorities1 More information is also available about the activities of the Informing research and funding policy working group.

February 2023: NITRO-Oceania Executive video-conference report

At the February 27 video-conference, the NITRO-Oceania Executive: * Discussed the potential support for the Executive * Agreed to have the Strategic Plan uploaded onto the website * Proposed the establishment of a working group on “Informing Research and Funding Policy.” Involvement of members in the working group welcome. * Highlighted several opportunities for events […]

February 2023: Follow-up to ARC review submission

Gabriele Bammer, on behalf of NITRO-Oceania, was invited to a follow-up consultation with the Australian Research Council review panel on February 24, 2023. Those invited had raised issues in their submissions that the review panel felt warranted further consideration. (Read the NITRO-Oceania submission.) The online consultation was chaired by panel member, Professor Mark Hutchinson (Director, […]