June 2021: NITRO-Oceania Executive video-conference report

The June 25 NITRO-Oceania Executive video-conference debriefed on the workshop at the SRI2021 conference – see https://nitro-oceania.net/activities/working-groups/impact-narratives-working-group/june-2021-workshop/. We also: * discussed progress on forming new working groups * discussed a seminar by Erin Leahey (University of Arizona) in August – more details soon * confirmed the date and time for our annual business meeting. It […]

June 2021: Lively discussion at workshop discussing leadership principles

There was a lively discussion about values and principles to guide the future of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary leadership for sustainability transformations at the virtual NITRO-Oceania workshop held at the SRI2021 (Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress) on June 14, 20121. Workshop results will be posted soon on https://nitro-oceania.net/activities/working-groups/impact-narratives-working-group/june-2021-workshop/. A recording of the workshop is available to […]

June 2021: Keynote video for Workshop 3 now available

The keynote video for workshop 3 is “Leadership for Sustainability” by Chris Boone, Dean, College of Global Futures, and Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, USA. It is available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/PDtjAhQDI2Q. Please watch it before the workshop. It runs for 17 minutes. The workshop “Promoting success for sustainability research in the Oceania […]

June 2021: Latest on June 14 workshop

The workshop will build on themes developed in a recent paper “Creating leadership collectives for sustainability transformations” (Care et al Sustainability Science (2021) 16:703–708; https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11625-021-00909-y), which argues for a new leadership model that incorporates critical refection, inclusivity and care, as a prerequisite for the shift from disciplinary to inter- and trans-disciplinary research, necessary if we […]

May 2021: Save the date! June 14 2021 for workshop on “Promoting success for sustainability research in the Oceania region”

The next NITRO-Oceania workshop will be on Monday June 14 2021 (8.00-11.00 am Brisbane time). This is the third and final in a series organised by the Impact Dialogues working group and will be a virtual meeting at SRI2021 (Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021). To find out more about the session see: https://attend.sri2021.org/meetings/virtual/ttpgsoLsZ3LRcyz6W and […]

March 2021: Organisations and research impact workshop a success!

Eleven NITRO-Oceania members and 15 participants from the community, funder and research sectors met virtually to move thinking forward on “How organisations best support and encourage research for impact.” Workshop results will be posted soon on https://nitro-oceania.net/activities/working-groups/march-2021-workshop/. Congratulations to the Impact dialogues working group for another great event!