2019 Inaugural meeting

The inaugural meeting of NITRO-Oceania was held in Brisbane on May 14-16, 2019.

There were 19 participants plus a facilitator (PDF 117KB).

The meeting had several successful outcomes, including:

  • strong support for developing the network and coining the name NITRO-Oceania
  • nominating an Executive to take planning forward
  • developing a number of working groups (see Table below).

Working GroupAim/sMembers
1: Strengthening NITRO-Oceania Local networking activities, including expanding the networkCanberra: Dan Walker, Mark Howden, Nicky Grigg, Gabriele Bammer

Christchurch: Ken Taylor, Roger Robson-Williams, Ken Hughey, Andrea Byrom
Other network expanding activitiesExecutive, Andrea Byrom, Bronwyn Harch, Laurent Rivory, Allanah Ryan, Dan Walker
Planning the next meeting at Sustainability Research and Innovation 2020 (Brisbane June 14-17, 2020Executive, Andrea Byrom, Bronwyn Harch, Allanah Ryan, Dan Walker
2: Research ClassificationWorkshops and submissions to improve the research classification of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary researchGabriele Bammer (Chair), Mark Howden, Stuart White
3: Impact NarrativesEnsure that interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education and research successes are documented and publicizedAndrea Byrom, Chris Cocklin, Nicky Grigg, Ken Hughey, Laurent Rivory, Allanah Ryan, Ken Taylor (Chair), Erika Techera, Dan Walker
4: Oceania-focused Grand ChallengesDevelop cross-institutional projects to tackle grand challenges facing the Oceania region, including those stemming from the history of colonizationDerrick Armstong, Mark Howden, Laurent Rivory, Allanah Ryan, Erika Techera
Working Groups under Development• Training & supporting the next generation of researchers; Capability building
• Appropriate reward and incentive systems
• NITRO-Oceania governance