Addressing climate change impacts on Māori coastal ecosystems and economies

Climate change and art - Korero Tuku Iho shed, Kuku, Horowhenua

Aim: Two related projects aimed to address climate change impacts on coastal communities in New Zealand, providing information, capability and tools to enable Māori to envisage economically sustainable adaptation strategies that would enhance and restore Māori cultural relationships to the coast, and develop Transition Action Plans to aid in the implementation of preferred Adaptation Strategies.

Balancing medical tourism and improved public health in Thailand

Aim: “Medical tourism” in Thailand generates substantial revenue from foreign patients and is promoted by the private health sector with political support from the government. Significant concerns arise, however, about competing demands on health workers and other resources leading to inadequate public health provision for the Thai population. A working group was established to find an appropriate balance between private and public demands on health resources and how the private and public health sectors can collaborate to improve the health of the Thai population.