Achieving sustainable fisheries

Australian fishing nets on ship (B. Fulton CSIRO)


Aim To find robust alternative ecosystem-based management strategies to meet environmental, economic and social objectives for the Australian southern and eastern scalefish and shark fishery
Time period 2004-2007
Disciplines Anthropology, ecology, economics, geology, mathematics, oceanography, physics, psychology, and statistics
Stakeholders Commercial fishers, recreational fishers, fisheries managers, non-government conservation organization representatives and experienced fisheries scientists
Research integration outcome First whole-of-ecosystem management strategy evaluation for fisheries
Research implementation outcomes The Australian Fisheries Management Authority rewrote the fisheries management plan for the Australian southern and eastern scalefish and shark fishery, and ultimately restructured this fishery along with Australia’s other federal fisheries
Reference Fulton, E. A., Smith, A. D. M., Smith, D. C. and Johnson, P. (2014). An integrated approach is needed for ecosystem based fisheries management: Insights from ecosystem-level management strategy evaluation. PLoS ONE, 9, 1: e84242. (Online) (DOI):