Improved Indonesian rural livestock services

Indonesian livestock and workers (John Young image)


Aim To examine the effectiveness of decentralised livestock services in the eastern regions of Indonesia and to use the results as the basis for national policy and programs.
Time period 1996-2001
Disciplines Veterinary medicine, animal production, economics, anthropology, and public administration.
Stakeholders Livestock owners and keepers, local government services, local private services, provincial and national livestock service policy makers, Ministry of Agriculture, bilateral aid donors, national and international non-governmental organizations, international consultants.
Research integration outcome Projects at the field level in four districts in two provinces generated compelling evidence of the effectiveness of decentralised client-orientated services, which then informed national policy.
Research implementation outcomes National level policies, procedures and capacity were developed to replicate the approaches nation-wide.
Reference Leksmono, C. S. and Young, J. (2003). Indonesian experience in introducing a pro poor focus in the livestock sector. Institutional and Policy Support Team. (Online – detail only):