June 2021: Lively discussion at workshop discussing leadership principles

There was a lively discussion about values and principles to guide the future of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary leadership for sustainability transformations at the virtual NITRO-Oceania workshop held at the SRI2021 (Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress) on June 14, 20121.

Workshop results will be posted soon on https://nitro-oceania.net/activities/working-groups/impact-narratives-working-group/june-2021-workshop/.

A recording of the workshop is available to those who registered for SRI2021 at https://attend.sri2021.org/meetings/virtual/ttpgsoLsZ3LRcyz6W.

Thanks to the participants and congratulations to the Impact dialogues working group, especially Iain Gordon and Ken Taylor, along with facilitator Crighton Nichols, for moving discussion on this important topic forward!