July 2023: NITRO-Oceania Executive video-conference report

At the July 27 video-conference, the NITRO-Oceania Executive:
* Reviewed actions taken and planned
* Reviewed the pros and cons of NITRO-Oceania becoming an independent organisation and decided to keep this on hold in the meantime
* Noted the NITRO-Oceania response to “Looking at the Future of Transdisciplinary Research” was now published on the International Science Counctil website. For details see: https://nitro-oceania.net/2023/07/04/july-2023-response-to-looking-at-the-future-of-transdisciplinary-research/
* Supported the decision of the working group on informing research and funding policy to respond to the Interim Report of the Australian Universities Accord panel, especially as it made no mention of inter- or trans-disciplinarity in education or research
* Discussed several opportunities for events for 2023. If any member has a seminar/event they would like to give/host please contact Iain Gordon on iain.gordon@anu.edu.au.

Present: Iain Gordon (chair), Gabriele Bammer, Ken Taylor, Rob Raven, Paul Bertsch, Beth Fulton
Apologies: Stuart White, Martin Bliemel